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Our selection of the most famous Dordogne Castles

Ophorus Blog - Our selection of the most famous Dordogne Castles
Nestled in the heart of southwestern France, the Dordogne region beckons with its enchanting landscapes, picturesque villages, and a rich tapestry of history. Among its many treasures, the region boasts a collection of awe-inspiring castles, each a t

In this article, we invite you on a captivating journey through the most exquisite castles of Dordogne, delving into their compelling past and stunning architectural features. We operate small group private and shared tours departing from Sarlat that include some of the castles listed below.

1. Château de Beynac:

view of Beynac Castle from the River Dordogne

Our first destination is the formidable Château de Beynac, a commanding fortress perched majestically atop a limestone precipice overlooking the serene Dordogne River. With origins dating back to the 12th century, this castle played a pivotal role in the Hundred Years' War. Its architecture features elements of Romanesque and Gothic styles, showcasing imposing defensive walls and a robust keep. Explore the Great Hall, adorned with intricate medieval tapestries, and ascend to the impressive Chapel, which offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside. Admire Château de Beynac and book our Villages of the Dordogne Half Day Trip from Sarlat.

2. Château de Castelnaud:

Vue of the village and Castle of Castelnaud

A stone's throw from Beynac lies the Château de Castelnaud, renowned for its extensive collection of medieval weaponry and armor. This castle, primarily constructed during the 13th century, exhibits a perfect blend of military architecture and scenic beauty. Its massive stone walls and strategic position exemplify the defensive capabilities of medieval fortresses. After touring the armory, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the enchanting gardens, offering a tranquil respite.

3. Château de Hautefort:

Chateau de Hautefort façade view

For those seeking opulence, the Château de Hautefort is a visual masterpiece. This Baroque-style castle, set amidst meticulously landscaped gardens, exudes elegance and refinement. Originally a medieval fortress, it was transformed into a splendid residence during the 17th century. The interior is a showcase of sumptuous decor, featuring lavishly adorned rooms, exquisite artworks, and an awe-inspiring Chapel. The castle's immaculate gardens provide a serene contrast to its regal interiors.

4. Château de Commarque:

View of Chateau de Commarque from below

Nestled amidst the lush Dordogne Valley, the Château de Commarque offers a unique journey through history. This complex combines elements of medieval, Renaissance, and Gothic architecture. As you explore the castle, you'll discover its intriguing underground passages and ancient cave dwellings, providing a captivating glimpse into the lives of its former inhabitants.

5. Château de Milandes:

View of Chateau des Milandes entrance and garden

The Château de Milandes invites you to step into the captivating world of Josephine Baker, the iconic American entertainer. This castle, with its origins in the 15th century, stands as a testament to Renaissance architecture. Wander through lush gardens, reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, and witness exhilarating falconry displays that breathe life into the castle's history. The castle's rich history, including Baker's life and legacy, unfolds through engaging exhibitions.

The Dordogne region in France offers a captivating journey through time, where each castle whispers tales of chivalry, romance, and intrigue. From the imposing fortresses of Beynac and Castelnaud to the opulent elegance of Hautefort and the enigmatic charm of Puymartin and Milandes, these castles offer a vivid window into history.

Whether you're a history aficionado, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking the beauty of France, Dordogne's castles promise an unforgettable adventure. Pack your bags and embark on a voyage into medieval France, where history and architecture converge to create an enchanting tapestry that will leave you spellbound.

Begin your journey today and uncover the magic of Dordogne's most captivating castles. Your historic escapade awaits!

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